On beige bottom and white the large sunny terrace of Mermoz opens the decoration with an exceptional sight on the sea.
An important choice is proposed to you in order to satisfy pour papillae. Specialities of seafood and fish.
Continuous service in weekend and season.

The new menu of Mermoz is like the image of this vast and splendid restoring. Supplements, clear, arousing, it promises a happiness to us which the intendance brings to us with ease, because the harmony reigns in the Tolmais family.

Corinne in the kitchen, Dominique and Marylène à with the reception, hold their house with pleasure and the feels.

The atmosphere is relaxed with the diligent and pleasant service and the sumptuous framework.

Corinne us cococte here (beyond the beautiful menu of brevery) on inventive cooking and alert, magnified by a technical solid, a divine inspiration of sauces, an acute direction of cookings and a severe selection of the products of the Country of Trough.

You will be thus paticularly attentive with the suggestions of the day, unless you do not succumb, by greedy practice in fundamental “Mermoz”: the duck house foie gras (largely been served), the roasted lobster with "beurre blanc" and tarragon. All products are from the sea : plates of shellfish, bars, mullets rays which seem left the so close sea... The products are superb and fresh.

And it, sitting there, vis-a-vis the immense beach of Villers Sur Mer, on the sunny terrace (and heated) or safe from one of the beautiful clear, and comfortable rooms, opening largely on bay, the sea full the eyes, which you will make the full of one iodine and with user-friendliness.

Reinvigorating with the extreme.

Unique adress. Very reasonable price for so much of quality.